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Accelerated Data Science Impact with

Automated MLOps Platform

Predict and Manage models at scale

One-click model deployment

Deploy models from a Jupyter notebook or IDE to production in just a few clicks and continuously monitor model performance and mitigate model drift. Automatic best ML model selection for the experiment to derive the best business result.


Continuously develop and deploy models to production iteratively quickly and easily. Run experiments with automated tracking, data versioning, and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD), continuous training/continuous monitoring (CT/CM) support.

Single pane to monitor data and models

Manage, govern and monitor your data and models in production with a simple dashboard. Easily monitor your models in production, automate drift detection to keep your models optimized and accurate in changing environments.

RBAC and fine-grain authorization controls

Isolate users and their data with RBAC and fine-grain authorization controls. Secure the data with customizable user and role management modules.

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